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                           A little about me... I’m Heather.

          Most people call me, H.




Hi there! Through my passion in audio, I serve people who are just over toiling through the audio editing process. This includes podcast pre and post production, as well as podcast management services. I help them get exactly what they want; exceptional audio production, management and their precious time back.


What does this mean for me? 

Editing takes 2-3 times the length of the podcast, so I’m saving you those hours you’d spend editing- those hours could go towards things that really matter to you.


Longer bio

I am an audio producer for people who find themselves overwhelmed by podcast editing. Through my nearly fifteen years of copywriting and audio production in the radio broadcast industry, I've learned radio commercials and radio shows are different when compared to the vast differences in recording locations and devices used with podcasting – that being said I continue education and knowledge expansion in the field of podcast audio editing so that you will continue to receive exceptional services.


When I'm not editing audio, you can find me spending time with family and perfecting my favorite vegan recipes.



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