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I would love to give you a tailor fit quote, which could meet your specific needs, but I understand the desire to get an idea of prices up front. If a tailor made quote isn't for you - I have two editing options currently:

1.            Audio mixing $15 U.S.D

a.            Long silence and noise removal

b.            Volume adjustment and compression (equalizes all levels)

c.             Add your show introduction and the outro

d.            Mixdown all files and convert to mp3

2.            Basic Editing $60 U.S.D (solo speaker)

a.            Audio mixing (listed above)

b.            Add commercials as needed

c.             Removing/Adding any required parts; upon discussion

d.            Audio enhancement

e.            Crutch word removal

i.              To include stutters and false starts

f.             Additional voices are an additional $20 per, as it takes longer to edit.

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